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Tangled Roots
Heidi Emberling
This compelling film offers a new way for people to look at the complexities of the past as the filmmaker tries to reconcile her dual identity as the daughter of a German father and a Jewish mother.
TRINIDAD - Theatrical Version
PJ Raval
Edifying and intimate, TRINIDAD acquaints viewers with three extraordinary transwomen whose paths cross in an unlikely setting—the unassuming town of Trinidad, Colorado. Against the backdrop of the town’s history of...
Finding Our Way
Mark Lipman
Men talk about their sexuality
Meerkat Media Collective
A moving portrait of aging Puerto Rican women and urban teenagers collaboratively creating a play out of the stories of their lives.
Vietnam: The Secret Agent
Jacki Ochs
As soldiers return from new wars plagued by illness and disabilities; as ecological catastrophes evoke debate about accountability; this history of the global development and use of Agent Orange sheds a critical light on...
Third Ward TX
Andrew Garrison
Third Ward TX introduces Project Row Houses--the nation's most impressive public art project and a bold experiment in how to build communities.
Saving Jackie
Selena Burks-Rentschler
A recovering drug addict struggles to develop healthy relationships with her adult daughters.
Barbie Nation
Susan Stern
The new Barbie Nation Collector's Edition DVD plumbs the cult of the Barbie doll, revealing attitudes about sexuality, body image, gender roles and creativity. Starring Barbie creator Ruth Handler.
Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up
Debra Chasnoff
With a fearless look at a highly charged subject, Straightlaced unearths how popular pressures around gender and sexuality are confining American teens.
A Day's Work, A Day's Pay
Jonathan Skurnik
A Day's Work, A Day's Pay follows three welfare recipients in New York City from 1997 to 2000 as they participate in the largest welfare-to-work program in the nation.

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