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Immigrant Nation!: The Battle for the Dream
Esau Melendez
The story of the immigrant rights movement and the story of single mother and activist Elvira Arellano who is fighting against her deportation.
Hopi: Song of the Fourth World
Pat Ferrero
Living life in balance with nature
Amie Williams
Sixteen children have been diagnosed with leukemia in Fallon, NV, and sadly three have died. While officials, scientists, and journalists descend, the film probes the loaded question of a "cancer cluster".
Yidl in the Middle: Growing Up Jewish in Iowa
Marlene Booth
Identity and being different
The Smith Family
Tasha Oldham
"The Smith Family" is a riveting account of one family's uncommon struggle to keep faith and family
My Perestroika
Robin Hessman
Five former childhood classmates paint a complex picture of the dreams and disillusionment of those raised behind the Iron Curtain.
Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement
Regan Brashear
From botox to bionic limbs, the human body is more "upgradeable" than ever. But how much of it can we alter and still be human? What do we gain or lose in the process? Award-winning documentary, Fixed: The Science/Fiction of...
This Unfamiliar Place
Eva Brzeski
An award-winning film about secrets, survival and memory
Everyday Heroes
Rick Goldsmith
Youth, race and national service: AmeriCorps behind-the-headlines
Women of the Wall
Faye Lederman
Feminism arrives at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, when a women's prayer group tries to pray in Israel and finds themselves under violent attack from ultra-orthodox right wing opponents.

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