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Freedom Machines
Richard Cox, Janet Cole, and Jamie Stobie
This award-winning PBS special dramatically redefines "disability" through personal stories of people who are using technology to change their lives. A riveting reflection on the largest minority group in the US: 55 million...
There Once Was An Island:Te Henua e Nnoho
Briar March
The Human Face of Climate Change
Homes & Hands—Community Land Trusts in Action
Debra Chasnoff
Three communities of low-income residents find new ways to develop permanent affordable housing.
Hearts and Hands
Pat Ferrero
A social history of 19th century women and quilts
The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today
Jay Rosenstein
The Peabody Award-winning story of how separation of church and state began in American public schools, and the courageous woman who made it happen.
Split: A Film about Divorce - through Kid's Eyes
Ellen Bruno
A Film about Divorce - through Kids' Eyes
It Happens To Us
Amalie R. Rothschild
The classic film plea for women's right to choose
Golden Venture
Peter Cohn
The epic tale of 286 Chinese immigrants on a freighter that ran aground off New York in 1993. With immigration dominating political debate, the fate of the Golden Venture passengers is more relevant than ever.
Justice for My Sister
Kimberly Bautista
One Guatemalan woman searches for answers to her sister's brutal murder.
Vietnam: The Secret Agent
Jacki Ochs
As soldiers return from new wars plagued by illness and disabilities; as ecological catastrophes evoke debate about accountability; this history of the global development and use of Agent Orange sheds a critical light on...

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