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Anything You Want To Be
Liane Brandon
A teenager's humorous collision with sex-role stereotypes.
The Smith Family
Tasha Oldham
"The Smith Family" is a riveting account of one family's uncommon struggle to keep faith and family
Foo Foo Dust
Gina Levy
The award-winning "Foo-Foo Dust" explores the relationship between a crack-addicted prostitute and her junkie son living together in one room in San Francisco's Tenderloin District.
Growing Up Female
Jim Klein and Julia Reichert
Selected for the National Registry of the Library of Congress, Growing Up Female is the very first film of the modern women's movement. Produced in 1971, it caused controversy and exhilaration. It was widely used by...
BEFORE YOU KNOW IT - theatrical version
PJ Raval
Three gay seniors navigate the adventures, challenges and surprises of life and love in their golden years.
Ask Not
Johnny Symons
They went into the closet to serve their country. Now they're coming out to change it.
Quilts in Women's Lives
Pat Ferrero
Traditional quilt makers share their art and their lives
This Unfamiliar Place
Eva Brzeski
An award-winning film about secrets, survival and memory
Bag it - 65 minute version
Suzan Beraza
Is Your Life Too Plastic?
It's Elementary - Talking About Gay Issues in School (Educational Training Version)
Debra Chasnoff
All kids are affected by anti-gay prejudice, and all adults have the ability and responsibility to address it. This Educational Training version of the film, in partnership with the partner 136 page curriculum guide, serves...

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